Writing and Design Services

Please find below a list of services I provide.  If you have a special project that does not necessarily fall into these categories, let’s talk.  I love a great challenge.


  • Business Narratives
    • Visioning Documents
    • Mission Statements
    • Marketing Copy
    • Website Copy
    • Web Videos
    • Response to RFPs (Request For Proposals)
  • Internal and External Reports
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual Financial Reports
  • Document peer review
  • PowerPoint Presentations
    • Writing
    • Storyboarding
    • Design
    • Execution


  • Specialized Technical Reports
  • Massachusetts Article 80 review documents
    • Project Notification Forms (PNF)
    • Draft Project Impact Reports (DPIR)
    • Institutional Master Plans (IMP)
  • In-house Technical Documentation
    • User Guides
    • Standards Manuals
  • Grant Writing and Grant Writing peer review